Bags with Judit Pocs

I can’t believe it has been 3 weeks since the bag workshop with Judit Pocs and the Region 1 (Devon and Cornwall) IFA ladies. Another very successful and brilliantly fun 2 days. Most of the participants (myself) included were a little over-ambitious with what we could achieve in 2 days and barely managed to get our bags to the prefelt stage before we had to pack up and go home. I ย finally finished my bag nearly a week after the workshop ended but I think it was worth spending nearly 3 days toiling over. The green diamond on the front is a button made from felt that holds the front flap down.



The purple bulge in the strap is a little pouch for your keys.


This is the back side with an extra large pocket.


Last week I attended an incredibly intense, 3 day workshop making a “furry felt” bolero jacket with Heidi Grebb (more on that next time) and this weekend I have been making aย snail hat, it is still damp and and the light was fading when I took these photos, but I think you get the idea…







    1. Thanks Marilyn, yes Judit has some fabulous ideas, I always come away from her classes buzzing with ideas of how take her suggestions further (the snail hat is an example of that!).

    1. Thanks Lyn, Judit has some fabulous ideas for bag designs, I’d like to develop the key pouch idea further on some other bags.

  1. WOWSA WOWSA WOWSA! !!!! That is soooooo fantastic!!!!! Only in my felting dreams could I ever achieve this level of talent … OMG again! !!

  2. Thanks Cath, if you get the chance, definitely take a class with Judit, even the less experienced felters were making fabulous hats and bags under her guidance

    1. Thanks Zara, it really was amazing! I am tempted to say it was the best holiday ever, but thinking about it, the bag workshop was quite hard work too, but totally worth it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Wow, the bag is wonderful. I saw Jenny’s last weekend – they’re amazing. I only hope Judit will run another class so that I get chance to have a go.

    1. Thanks Sandy, the bag workshop was hard work but the things we made were incredible, I’m desperate to make another bag but I need to get on with making hats for a couple of festivals over the summer.

    1. Thanks Carol, I couldn’t agree more! My keys always seem to find their way into the deepest darkest recesses of my bags ๐Ÿ™‚

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