Online Felted Bags and Cases Class

An online course over 6 weeks for felt-makers with some previous experience.

Registration for this class opens in early March and October each year.

If you would like to receive an email reminder just before registration opens please complete this contact form stating which class(es) you would like to receive reminders for: Contact Form

The first felting tutorial will be posted on the Thursday approximately 2 weeks after registration opens, with another tutorial  posted in each of the following 2 weeks. The class forum will remain open for you to share your work and ask questions for 6 weeks after the first tutorial is posted.

This course will cover:

How to make a series of bags and small cases:

Week 1 – animal-inspired phone / spectacles / pencil case with closures and flaps made from felt.

Week 2 – medium sized bag with pockets, an adjustable strap and magnetic closure. You will also learn a no-sew method for giving your bags a flat base so they stand up.

Week 3 – a backpack with internal pockets and your choice of felt or canvas adjustable straps.

We will cover a variety of felting techniques including how to shape the bottom of your bag so it stands up, how to blend colours, how to create felted tabs and loops, how to make large bags stronger without making them heavier, how to add pockets and planning where to place them.

This course is delivered online and you can complete each tutorial at your own pace and time to suit you. The PDF tutorials will be yours to keep and refer to after the course. The forum pages and tutor support will be available for 6 weeks from the course start date in case you need to catch up or if you would like to make more bags, perhaps combining the techniques from different weeks into a new bag design of your own.

Please follow this link for more information.

Please note this course is not suitable for complete beginners. You should be confident making flat felt and ideally have successfully made a few pods, a small bag or hat before. If you are not sure please contact me before signing up.