Complex Resists

This will be a 2 day class suitable for intermediate and advanced felt-makers. To get the most from this class you should be confident felting over a resist and able to make firm felt that is stiff enough keep its shape without collapsing. Please contact me if you aren’t sure you meet this requirement.

In this class I will share my process that resulted in the “gilled hat” and “spiky collar”, so you can use the same process to develop your own forms and ideas. This class will be an excellent opportunity to explore dozens of new forms that can be applied to wall hangings, sculptures, vessels, wearables, accessories…. and take your felting in totally new directions!

We will set aside some time on the second day to share the discoveries we have made and discuss ideas about how your new forms can be developed further.

You can expect to leave this class with a box full of sample forms and a head full of exciting ideas and inspiration!

When: 9am – 5pm, Sunday 10th and Monday 11th November 2024

Where: Creative Fibre Spring Festival in Orewa

Price: $TBC per person for Creative Fibre Members

Please bring with you:

  • Your usual felting equipment for pieces up to 40cm diameter, including a small pair of sharp scissors
  • A selection of wool colours, Polworth sliver is a good choice (I find the shorter staple length wools easiest to work with but any wool that quickly forms a tight felt is fine) . A total of 400g of wool should be plenty
  • At least 0.5m x 1m of laminate flooring underlay (plus any small scraps you have left over from other projects)
  • A sketchbook or notebook and camera for recording your patterns and experiments
  • A few coloured pencils or pens for taking notes about different layers

Booking is essential. Please contact me to find out how to book your place. Class size will be limited to 10.