End of an Era

I’m feeling a little bit lost today, this morning I packed up the last of my City and Guilds pieces and mailed them to my tutor for assessment. I have plenty of ideas to try out and new things I want to make but just can’t seem to muster the energy to get started this afternoon. Perhaps I should let myself take a an evening off, relax and find renewed enthusiasm tomorrow. Enough with the wallowing already…. here are couple of new pieces and a WIP.

These clutch bags were part of the C&G course, the pink one has a zip across the front flap to reveal an extra pocket:

 The green one was inspired by the sampler in my last post.

This little bowl was crocheted from the Jacob’s fleece I dyed and spun a couple of weeks ago.

And this is my WIP, again it was inspired by the sample in my last post and when it is long enough, I will felt it into and infinity scarf. This is the prefelt that I cut up to make the scarf.

Pink Pea Pod Bag

Here is another of the bags I have been working on recently. I’m really pleased with how this one turned out, so much so that I think I will make some more in different colour combinations and sizes.

It was made from a mixture of commercially dyed merino and hand-dying the finished bag.

There are 4 pockets inside.
 And another inside the flap

A close up of the “pea pods”

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Finished Pieces

I finally managed to finish a few more pieces this week, here are the results.

 Added some beads to this brooch

 This starfish brooch is rather large but very striking, I added some orange felt balls for contrast and stitched ridges along the top of each arm.
I think this piece looks a lot like seeds nestling in their husk

This is the first of 3 bags I have been working on over the last few weeks, this has been almost finished for at least 3 weeks but I finally found time this week to put a zip across the main compartment and add a little hand embroidery. I call it the “peekaboo” bag because you can see through it 🙂

Inside the bag, showing the 2 large internal pockets, there’s also a couple of pen pockets but you can’t see those as easily in this photo.

Busy Week

It’s been another busy week but unfortunately not in a creative way, my day job has been going more than a bit crazy. It’s been as much as I can do to make myself eat something before crashing into bed each evening. This weekend I have really thrown myself into textiles to make up for an otherwise rubbish week. It has been a very productive weekend though…

Mr TB was out on a stag night on Saturday so I put the evening to good use, watching trashy TV while applying wax to an apron I rainbow dyed with blues and greens that morning:

This is the batik pattern I have been doodling, it’s taking a surprisingly long time, 4 hours so far and I’m only half way finished…

I plan to over-dye this with a deep purple and then spray with plasti-dip spray to waterproof it so I have a felting / dyeing apron (no more soggy felter’s middle for me!).

I have finished a couple of C&G “samples” that I started last weekend, the assignment is to explore natural wools with a view to creating a wall hanging but to my mind these pieces are too large (approx 40 x 60 cm / 16 x 24″) to be samples and I like them as wall hangings in their own right:

Do you remember this piece of ice-dyed felt from a few weeks ago?

I turned it into a bag, this is the front flap: 

Inside the front flap:

I plan to do a lot of hand embroidery on this piece, mostly blanket stitch around the edges and bit of embellishment on the front flap. If I can get it finished in time I will submit it to the Yarns in the Cathedral exhibition in May.

And finally, some blue tits have been showing a lot of interest in the bird pod I hung a couple of weeks ago. I can’t decide if they are nesting in it or just stealing the cat fluff I put in it as welcome present…

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Something for myself 2 of 2

Today I sewed up the handbag I felted yesterday. First pinning and sewing the internal pockets into place. The gap between the two pockets will be the base of the bag.

Pinning the side seams for stitching (right sides together).

Attaching the handle, this was stitched to the side panels and the top of the front panel stitched down over the top of the handle ends, you can see where I have pinned the handle into place on the right.
I added a magnetic clasp and decorative ceramic button.

To give an idea of scale…

I have already “moved in”, here is the inside full of my junk… the 3 compartments are going to be really useful.

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