Bags with Judit Pocs

I can’t believe it has been 3 weeks since the bag workshop with Judit Pocs and the Region 1 (Devon and Cornwall) IFA ladies. Another very successful and brilliantly fun 2 days. Most of the participants (myself) included were a little over-ambitious with what we could achieve in 2 days and barely managed to get our bags to the prefelt stage before we had to pack up and go home. I  finally finished my bag nearly a week after the workshop ended but I think it was worth spending nearly 3 days toiling over. The green diamond on the front is a button made from felt that holds the front flap down.



The purple bulge in the strap is a little pouch for your keys.


This is the back side with an extra large pocket.


Last week I attended an incredibly intense, 3 day workshop making a “furry felt” bolero jacket with Heidi Grebb (more on that next time) and this weekend I have been making a snail hat, it is still damp and and the light was fading when I took these photos, but I think you get the idea…






New Year, new URL….

Happy 2016 and welcome to my new site! 🙂

Santa Claus brought me a most unusual gift this year…. my own domain name and access to a server. Consequently I have spent much of the Christmas holidays trying to set up the new site and migrate all my blogger posts over. I think my personal tech support,  sat on the couch next to me, is already thinking this wasn’t such a clever gift… I really don’t get html, not even on the most basic level, while he speaks it so fluently he can’t seem to grasp that I don’t, our recent conversations must look like what you would expect if aliens landed on Earth and tried to communicate with us 🙁

Anyway, after much cursing and Googling (I only needed rescuing once, after I changed some html text and made the whole site inoperable), I seem to have all the posts transferred and there are just things like the contact widget and blogroll to set up. Then the fun bit, working out what new features WordPress offers, can start 🙂

If you like following this blog, please change the URL in your blog roll to or use the sign up for email alerts widget on the left. If you subscribe to “receive posts by email” please leave a comment letting me know how you find it, I’m concerned that the widget I installed is incredibly slow.

I will continue to post to both blogs for the next couple of weeks but will stop posting in blogger in February.

In between my cursing and ranting about how unintuitive website building software is I have been making a couple of bags.  Mostly as an excuse to use some of Zara’s lovely Gotland locks…

IMG_5746 IMG_5754 IMG_5767 IMG_5742 IMG_5756 IMG_5758 IMG_5761

The Gotland locks are irresistibly soft and stroke-able, it will be a shame when the bag runs empty but for now there’s still plenty left 🙂

Gotland Locks – Messenger Bag or Backpack?

Zara from Sweden is selling some absolutely gorgeous Gotland locks on the forum, if you are quick there may still be some left! Of course I couldn’t resist and now they have arrived I’m so glad I didn’t, they are soooo shiny and soft!

Now I have Gotland locks from 4 different sheep (2 from Zara and 2 from UK sources) so its high time I did something with them. I decided to make a messenger bag using the same Gotland resist technique I used on a cat cave a couple of weeks ago.

I used a couple of layers of Corriedale and laid out some pockets over a resist before adding 2 layers of Gotland tops, my plastic resists and some vibrantly blue merino on the outside.

I only used the locks on the front flap and used a mix from all 4 fleeces as they varied from black/white to grey and almost jet black and are different lengths.

It’s interesting to see the Gotland invade the coarse Corriedale wool too:



Only the pockets remained white where the resists prevented the Gotland from going walkabout.

Where the resists were placed between the Gotland and merino the blue of the merino can still be seen.
IMG_5626The blue colour was brightened by a little bit of shaving.

It was interesting how the Gotland shrank (fulled) more than the merino, causing the merino to pucker slightly:


The locks were a little bit matted after I had finished fulling the bag so I combed them out which made some of them go rather fluffy, I used some leave in hair conditioner to try to tame them. Have you ever tried to hair products on your wool?

This is quite a large bag, about 40 cm wide by 40 cm high, now I have to decide what handles / strap to put on it. I was toying with the idea of an adjustable shoulder strap made from felt ropes but now I am leaning towards back-pack style straps, simply because it is so large it will weigh a tonne when I have filled it with everything bar the kitchen sink. What do you think?

It’s Official!

My City and Guilds certificate arrived yesterday, I heard that I would pass in October but did not want to tempt fate by telling people until the certificate had safely arrived. Silly I know, but I am strangely superstitious like that. It has finally arrived, and to my surprise is actually 2 certificates…

To celebrate I started making myself a nunofelt dress, it’s not quite going to plan but I think it is still salvageable with a bit of dressmaking. My biggest learning so far is that the “holes” (i.e. around the neck line and arm holes) in the template should not be increased by 50% along with the rest of the garment…. more on that next time.

Here are couple of other pieces I have been working on this week:

It may not be that easy to see from this photo but I have used resists to create flower patterns peeking through the green, I plan to add some embroidery to the centres of each flower.

This piece has been sat on my table for a few weeks now and I still can’t decide where to go with it, should I just leave it as it is? The yellow and pink patterns are rather nice but not as striking all the way round as they are in the photo below. I could add some embroidery but am concerned it might just detract from the dye pattern. Another idea I had was to cut holes about a 1/4 of the way down and add a drawstring to make into a bag rather than a pot. It stands about 30 cm (12″) tall. What do think? What would you do?

I also made a couple of coin / key purses to match the 2 bags I made recently, both will have a zipper on the back and the loop at the top allows for a key hoop to be attached.

This is another coin purse, but using the flower resist technique again, the zip will sit across the top where you see the line of orange. I plan to add some embroidery to the centre of the flower on this one too.

Hope you are have a creative week too… 🙂

Taking the Plunge

After months of procrastinating and several friends encouraging me to take the plunge, I have finally done it and set up a Facebook page. I am still on a steep learning curve trying to figure out how to navigate the different areas, respond to messages and upload photos but bear with me, I WILL get the hang of it!

If you are a FB fan you can find me here (I hope), please let me know if the link does not work.

On a less stressful note (anything IT-related always seems to push by blood pressure up) here is the bag I mentioned in my last post, I love the shape and design but might make another in a more tonal colour combination, perhaps red, with orange yellow, white and black accents…

The base wool is some hand dyed Corriedale with merino for the colour accents. You can’t really see it in these photos but there is a zip across the top and lots of pockets inside. The body of the bag is approx 40 cm high and 30 cm wide.

The “North Devon Sunset” ring binder cover is also finished in time for the exhibition on Sunday and I’m really chuffed with how it turned out, I will definitely be making more of these, it was so much fun to make!

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