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It’s been another hectic weekend, Saturday was spent with the “oldies”, dropping off my old piano and clarinet for my niece and nephew to “play” with when they visit the grandparents. I say “play” because at just 9 years old my nephew is already better on the piano than I ever was! This weekend saw the finale of the Imagine Festival in Watford so we had a wander into town to watch a couple of the street performances while we were there.

Yesterday evening, I finally found some time to get wet and woolly and started this hat, it is based on the same resist as last week’s top hat but I added a little piggy tail. It’s still drying, hence all the pins…


There’s something about it that reminds me of Guinan from Star Trek…

I think it’s the upturned flattened brim?

I also found time today to make a journal cover from some of the lovely silks I purchased from Carol’s stand at Woolfest. I’m afraid I forgot to take a photo before I started felting but here is an off-cut to give an idea of what the pattern was like before.
The green wool rather engulfed the finer detail of the pattern while I was fulling it, but I still rather like the final effect:



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