Art Box Christmas Stockings

I spent a fun but exhausting day last Tuesday with art-centric holiday club, Art Box. Approximately half the children took part in the autumnal themed felt picture making class in October, so already had a little felt-making experience. All the same, I think it was a little ambitious to have 22 children making felt over a resist with only 1.5 teachers (Wendy, who runs Art Box has made a few pieces of felt before but not over a resist). Most of the children did very well but some of the stockings had holes or came out an odd shape (I can only imagine they laid all their layers in the same direction) and some of their decorations came off during fulling. On the whole, I think the children were happy with what they had made but I suspect if I had been working with a smaller group, their stockings would have been better quality, I think it might be prudent to spend a few hours training the assistants before the next session…. we live and learn 🙂

As always the ideas the children had for decorating their stockings were amazing and blew me away!

I’m afraid I only managed to get photos of about 2/3 of them amongst the mad dash to clean up at the end of the day.  The first 2 were made by friends who wanted to have matching stockings… how cute is that?! 🙂

I hope you are having a wonderful day and enjoying the holidays.

4 thoughts on “Art Box Christmas Stockings

  1. Marilyn

    Awww, they are wonderful! What a great thing to do for these kids. I’ll bet you have just indoctrinated 22 fiber enthusiasts! I can see why you were blown away. Children are so creative. But you were very brave to take on 22. I’ve felted with my two grandsons and that’s been a handful. Kudos to you.

  2. Lyn

    They are great – children have no fear and wonderful imaginations! I think you were very brave to take on that project but you must be so proud of the results.
    (Yes, it would be a good idea to train up your helpers beforehand.)


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