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Safely home (and fed)

The parrot eating sea monster I completed a couple of weeks ago has found his way safely across the Atlantic, as Ceci his new owner said, he must have a fantastic sense of smell to be able to sniff out his new prey all that way 🙂


Ceci took a couple of videos of Ki’s first interactions with his new hidey-hole, at first he looked a little uncertain, apparently Senegal Parrots are rather wary of anything new entering their environment, and to be fair to Ki, the sea monster definitely falls into the weird category!

These are the videos Ceci took:

Ki meets the sea monster

Ki is regurgitated after exploring inside the belly of the beast

Thank you Ceci, I’m chuffed to bits to see that they are getting along, I hope Ki appreciates what a generous mommy he has! 🙂

Parrot-Eating Sea Monster part 4

Ceci had the inspired idea of adding orange patches over the sea monster’s back, sadly it was too late to wet felt these in but they did lend themselves rather well to needle felting, I really like the final effect and will definitely be doing this again.



We also shortened the eye stalks and straightened out the spines on the back so he looks more like Boris Johnson (London Mayor) and less like Phil Spector in Be My Baby:

Boris Johnson

And Phil Spector’s perm, as told by his song Be My Baby*

Phil Spector in Be My Baby


I’m really pleased with this cave and a little sad to see him go to his new home, but I am sure he will be loved.





Today I started working on the stacked boxes hat again, and hope to have something worth sharing with you by Sunday. I also made a start on using some of the printed felt from the screen printing course, the pile is getting a little bit excessive (it is even starting to rival my ironing pile, and that takes some doing!) so I have promised myself to use at least a third of it before I am allowed to venture back into the dyeing shed again…