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New Beginnings or mid-life crisis?


I am hoping this blog will mark a new direction in my life. I am currently a project manager for a pharmaceutical company but have always loved crafts and making things, even in primary school the only lesson I looked forward to was Art.

I did embark on a BTEC in Art and Design when I was 16 but, as with most people, my family weren’t that supportive. However, they did tolerate my decision but were no doubt relieved when, at the end of my first year one of my tutors suggested I gave it up and trained as a veterinary nurse instead (pets and medicine being the other passions in my life).

I have taken a very circuitous route to get to this point. It all started with taking a year out to go back-packing, that led to my being turned down for permanent residency in Australia (I did not hold a degree), which in turn led to me studying for a BSc in Microbiology. I was offered a PhD in vaccine research which was too good to turn down and by the time I had completed that, at the grand old age of 31, I was now too old for Aussie immigration!  I have spent the last 9 years working in clinical research and while I love the feeling that what I do has the potential to ease suffering and improve the quality of life for millions of people my creative side doesn’t feel at all fulfilled.

Does anyone else feel like this? I know I should be deliriously happy just to have a job in the current economic climate, let alone one that pays well and is able to produce the warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing you are doing something to help others. But I can’t help feeling there is something missing.

I reached a significant birthday this year, perhaps this is all just a mid-life crisis?

If money were no object I think I would give up the day job and spend my days crafting and giving away what I had made. Unfortunately I have not won the lottery (I don’t even play it), and I haven’t inherited millions so I need a plan B. My dream is to work in pharmaceuticals part time (3 days per week) and spend 3 days per week making and selling what I have created.

What would you do if money were no object?

I plan to use this blog to document my journey as a designer-maker. Wish me luck….