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Top hat

I’ve been itching to make something with all the silks I brought back from Woolfest last weekend and today I finally found a few hours spare to make a hat.

I used a mixture of hand-dyed silk hankies and tops over a base of hand-dyed merino.

I didn’t set out to make a top hat but it just seemed right to stop folding down the pleats at this point. It’s drying at the moment so the colours might change slightly and I’m hoping the silks will become more shiny as it dries.

I like it best from the back, is that a bit perverse?

Woolfest 2015!

I’m so excited I’m worse than a child on Christmas eve…. It’s woolfest weekend!!

After a long drive (6 hours) yesterday I was relieved to find my room at the Old Ginn House is very comfortable (though I still haven’t located the gin!). Brekky this morning was outstanding, fresh coffee and eggs benedict:
Woolfest was heaving as it always is and I don’t think all the animals were enjoying having so many adoring fans, some of the sheep looked a bit stressed by all the attention, only the black nosed valais sheep looked chilled
These guys are so cute it was all I could do to stop myself taking one home, it wouldn’t mind spending 6 hours in my hatchback would it?
The Herdwicks had a lovely red tinge to their fleeces, aren’t his horns beautiful?
There were alpacas and angora bunnies too
There were some lovely felted exhibits, this “cobble coat” was made by Linda Chapman
The ram’s head is called Harold and he was made by Debbie Lucas
And for the stitchers out there, this wrap, entitled Flora of the Fells, was made by Ruth Strong and was inspired by plants native to the Lake District.
Of course you can’t go to woolfest and not supplement your stash, there are just so many beautiful products to choose from.
I seem to have been on a silk crusade today, when I unpacked my bag I discovered silk tops, hankies, thread and saris…
The 4 packs of sari silk came from Carol of Foxglove felts, we’ve never met so I am still stunned that she recognised me. I’m pleased to say her stand was one of the busiest that I visited, it looked like she was having a well-deserved successful show.
Woolfest also sell raw fleeces so I took the opportunity to buy some locks, these beauties are Gotland and Blue Faced Leicester