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End of an Era

I’m feeling a little bit lost today, this morning I packed up the last of my City and Guilds pieces and mailed them to my tutor for assessment. I have plenty of ideas to try out and new things I want to make but just can’t seem to muster the energy to get started this afternoon. Perhaps I should let myself take a an evening off, relax and find renewed enthusiasm tomorrow. Enough with the wallowing already…. here are couple of new pieces and a WIP.

These clutch bags were part of the C&G course, the pink one has a zip across the front flap to reveal an extra pocket:

 The green one was inspired by the sampler in my last post.

This little bowl was crocheted from the Jacob’s fleece I dyed and spun a couple of weeks ago.

And this is my WIP, again it was inspired by the sample in my last post and when it is long enough, I will felt it into and infinity scarf. This is the prefelt that I cut up to make the scarf.

The Big Knit

Unfortunately I only found out about this today and the deadline for submitting the mini hats is Oct 31st! So I have been furiously crocheting since I got home this evening and have managed to produce 2 little hats.

What’s the Big Knit all about? Innocent (the smoothie people) will pay 25p to Age UK for every cute little hat sold on their bottles of smoothie. The principle behind the idea is that hundreds of our elderly die needlessly from hypothermia every winter and a wooly hat is one way to keep warm. Obviously these little hats are just a symbol (too small to fit on a human head) but the funds raised will be used to buy equipment such as hot water bottles and human-sized hats for our older folk to use. If you are interested here is more info here with patterns and an address where to send the completed hats to.

Here are my 2 offerings, a little owl and a turtle:

I have stitched a Teri Berry Creations care label inside each hat in the hope that whoever buys them finds this blog. If it was you, please leave a comment I would love to find out where my little critters have found a new home. :o)