New Year, new URL….

Happy 2016 and welcome to my new site! 🙂

Santa Claus brought me a most unusual gift this year…. my own domain name and access to a server. Consequently I have spent much of the Christmas holidays trying to set up the new site and migrate all my blogger posts over. I think my personal tech support,  sat on the couch next to me, is already thinking this wasn’t such a clever gift… I really don’t get html, not even on the most basic level, while he speaks it so fluently he can’t seem to grasp that I don’t, our recent conversations must look like what you would expect if aliens landed on Earth and tried to communicate with us 🙁

Anyway, after much cursing and Googling (I only needed rescuing once, after I changed some html text and made the whole site inoperable), I seem to have all the posts transferred and there are just things like the contact widget and blogroll to set up. Then the fun bit, working out what new features WordPress offers, can start 🙂

If you like following this blog, please change the URL in your blog roll to or use the sign up for email alerts widget on the left. If you subscribe to “receive posts by email” please leave a comment letting me know how you find it, I’m concerned that the widget I installed is incredibly slow.

I will continue to post to both blogs for the next couple of weeks but will stop posting in blogger in February.

In between my cursing and ranting about how unintuitive website building software is I have been making a couple of bags.  Mostly as an excuse to use some of Zara’s lovely Gotland locks…

IMG_5746 IMG_5754 IMG_5767 IMG_5742 IMG_5756 IMG_5758 IMG_5761

The Gotland locks are irresistibly soft and stroke-able, it will be a shame when the bag runs empty but for now there’s still plenty left 🙂

2 thoughts on “New Year, new URL….

  1. Ruth Lane

    Aren’t computers fun? I remember how much fun it was to transfer my blogs from blogger to WordPress. But it looks like you did it 🙂 The bags are gorgeous and I love the locks with the different colors of base.

    1. teri Post author

      Thanks Ruth, making the bags has helped retain what little sanity I have left. Your blog is great, if I can achieve something similar by the end of January I will be very happy 🙂


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