I am often asked what inspires the pieces I make, the truth is inspiration can strike anywhere, sometimes it is the materials themselves, the pattern on a piece of sari silk or the tassels on a charity-shop scarf for example. Nature is another great source, the textures of a patch of lichen or orange-crimson autumnal leaves against a bright blue sky. Memories from holidays or previous careers such as watching cells growing in a petri dish from my days as a “lab rat”.

As some of you may know, I used to SCUBA dive a lot and frequently draw inspiration for my felting from the underwater world, for my new collection I couldn’t resist the gloriously colourful world of nudiranchs (pronounced noo-dee-branks). I confess I have been slightly obsessed with these little sea slugs for more than 20 years but the usual response when I try to describe them to non-divers is, “noody-what?” Their name means naked gills in latin and refers to the fern-like gill structures you can often see sprouting from their backs.

I love them because they are so outrageously colourful  and don’t seem to care who sees them strutting their stuff in the magical aquatic world. I can’t think of a better muse to create a fabulously colourful set of wearable art, deep down, who wouldn’t want to be a nudibranch? 🙂 If you google “nudibranch photos” you will get a taste of their fantastically beautiful world and the colours will be much less washed out than those in my photos.


Related image

The Pink Dorid nudibranch was my muse for this hat and gloves set.

Now I just need to find a human who is as exuberant and fun-loving as a nudibranch to wear them…. 😉

3 thoughts on “Noody-what?

  1. Annie and Lyn

    Where abouts did you scuba dive? We can see why you are so inspired by those wonderfully colourful sea slugs. Both the hat and gloves are beautiful, and so well made, that you’ll have no trouble in selling them. We like the way you’ve adapted your hat design to the gloves – very effective.

    1. Teri Post author

      Thank you ladies. I learned to dive in Australia, have since dived in New Zealand, Samoa, Florida, Mexico and the Red Sea but by far my favourite dive location is Sipidan off the coast of Borneo, I hope to return one day but it isn’t the easiest of locations to reach.


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