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Over on the Felting and Fiber Forum,  Frances and Galina have been posting about some new “scribbly” scarves  as I like to think of them. They are made from wool yarns, and led to a discussion about using up some of my admittedly excessive (don’t tell my other half I’m admitting to that!) stash of yarns from the days when I used to crochet. Most of my yarns however are either acrylic or polyester based rather than wool, making me doubt that I could get them to felt.

Galina posted this incredible link to Irena Levkovich’s work, creating amazing felt garments that look like they are woollen tweed.

So how could I resist, I still want to have another go at making a bolero jacket that fits me better….

These are my test samples:



I included some polyester eyelash yarn on the white and blue sample, just out of curiosity to see how it would behave…



It produced an interesting, highly textured effect but it rather detracts from the tweedy quality I was aiming for and I do wonder if the loops it formed would catch and pull if I tried to make a garment with it.

Overall I these samples were a success and I’m itching to work on something bigger! I am attending a workshop with Rutsoku Sakata Monday and Tuesday next week, so I will have to be patient and resign myself to just planning the jacket until Wednesday…

8 thoughts on “Tweedy Samples

  1. Galina

    I think they are very good! Do you use a prefelt as a base? Are the samples thick when finished? One of my reservations…

    1. Teri Post author

      Thanks Galina. I used a batt for the white and tops for the orange, both laid in 2 thin layers so they are still quite thin and drapey, my thinking is that the yarns give quite a lot of structure and strength so the felt does not need to be thick and stiff as cardboard. I’m really pleased with this technique – thank you so much for sharing the link! 🙂

    1. Teri Post author

      Thanks Lyn (and Annie?) that is interesting that the blue one is your favourite but then I have noticed that blue features very prominently in many of your pieces, I had thought that was due to living close to the sea, but maybe it is just your fave colour! 🙂

  2. Marilyn

    Both samples look good. I can see your reservation about the eyelash yarn for a garmet. But I’ll bet it would be great in a wall hanging. Enjoy your workshop!


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