Moss on bark hat

Following on from the bark hat I made in response to Fiona’s challenge last week, I thought I would make another, more literal interpretation of the shapes nature had deeply carved into the oak bark. This was the hat from last week for comparison:


And today’s hat, with a little tuft of moss growing out of the crown:




The pinky-brown prefelt that has languished in the bottom of a box for over a year is nearly all gone, just one short strip left…

2 thoughts on “Moss on bark hat

  1. Marilyn

    Great idea to add moss. Will you miss this bad prefelt now that you’ve made good use of it and it’s almost gone? 🙂

  2. Teri Berry

    Thanks Marilyn, it’s funny I’m starting to like that piece of prefelt even though I found it so uninspiring for so long 🙂


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