Mosaic Quilting

I recently attended a machine embroidery workshop and made this fish which I love to bits.

I reached this stage a few weeks ago and have been mulling over what to do with it. I could add some wool backing and a pin to turn it into a nice brooch? But it has taken over 4 hours to get to this stage, to sell a brooch for £40 would be a stretch. Or I could incorporate it into an underwater scene? I have been toying with the idea of creating a felt background for it and wondering how best to attach it but last week I read a post on mosaic quilting on Terri Stegmiller’s blog, a technique that involves attaching small pieces of fabric to wonderweb sheet and quilting onto batting. I plan to create an underwater quilted back drop and then appliqué my fish on the top.

I made a start on it last night, I am using a piece of fusible interfacing… It’s very fiddly but I think it is coming along nicely.

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