Parrot Eating Sea Monster Part 3

The Sea Monster came on in leaps and bounds over the weekend, it still needs the tongue and internal perch but I’m so pleased with him I thought I’d share a few photos of him in his nearly finished state…






Finally a close up of the glass eye


6 thoughts on “Parrot Eating Sea Monster Part 3

    1. Teri Post author

      Thanks Ruth, he’s undergoing another metamorphosis right now…. he’s gone all spotty! And his permed spikes have received the hair straightener treatment! I will post some more images this evening

  1. Ceci

    He’s a handsome guy for sure! I think I might try to date him, if Ki doesn’t object.
    I’m flipping in love with his Port-hole like Dots along the side!

    1. Teri Post author

      Thanks Ceci, I love the yellow bumps too! I will definitely be using the marble eyes and semi-covered bumps again 🙂 Have you come up with a name for him yet?

  2. Marilyn aka Pandagirl

    A truly marvelous creation Teri! Have fun finishing him. I love using the glass for eyes. They always look like they are following you. 🙂


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