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The 30 Day Folding Challenge Part 2

Day 9

While looking for books on origami in my local library, I found a book about making jewellery from folded metal sheets. Not what I thought I was looking for but it contained some really interesting ideas that at least partially solved my problem with making curved folds.

As is often the case, the solution was simple – cut the circle across the folds to release the tension created by the folds. Or start with a cone shape.

By cutting across the folds, the 2 “arms” of paper can slide over each other supporting the curved fold and allowing the paper to form a dome or cone shape.

Adding a second hole:

Joining one of the cuts to the opposite hole creates a very different shape:

And joining both pairs of cuts to the opposite side:

Day 10

What happens if I cut one large and 1 small hole?

Joining the cuts to the opposite side again – just on one side:

And both sides:

Day 11

Adding curves to a square of paper, this piece started with 2 semi-cirles, then I added 2 larger semi-circles:

What if I do the same to a pentagon?

What if I change the sizes of the semi-circles?

Day 12

What if I cut a semi-circle in one of the curves and add extra curved folds?

This one I really like

Joining the 2 sides of the cut causes the middle of the pentagon to dome up even higher:

And linking the sides of the pleated semi circle makes a more pronounced bowl shape

Day 13

I tried adding more curved pleats to a circle with a cut across the pleats, this was still tricky but worked better than my previous attempts:

Day 14

I don’t know about you but I am finding some of these shapes really exciting! The pentagons and the last of the pleated circles especially so!

Time to make some more felt! 🙂

This is the first of the pentagons with 5 even semicircles around the edges:

Once folded, the corners of the pentagon lift and with felt being more malleable than paper it was very easy to bring the 5 corners towards the centre making this pretty flower shape.

Day 15

revisiting the pentagon with curved pleats on one side – this time in felt

The pleated circle at the front of this image was reluctant to meet at its edges but I am sure I can trim the edges so they line up and could be stitched. I rather the like the bowl shape this piece is forming

Game of Shrooms – Finders Keepers!!

Just one more sleep until the annual Game of Shrooms event! 🙂

There are quite a few artists taking part in the Auckland region and hundreds (possibly thousands) more taking part globally. Take a look here to find an artist near you, clicking on the mushroom on the GOS page will bring up details of the artist and where they are posting their clues.

I will be hiding 4 sets of felted mushrooms in public spaces around Clevedon tomorrow and posting clues to their locations here and on my Facebook page.

Once you find them they are yours to keep, all I ask is that you post a comment either on my blog or my FB page so others know to stop looking for the “shroom you have found.

Happy hunting and good luck!