Up-cycling for the home office

My new job is going very well, the people are lovely and the company ethos seems to be very people-oriented, in fact the head office facilities are so nice, I’m tempted to make the 4 hour commute more often than I need to! I expect to be working from an office at home most days and making the hideous commute around the infamous M25 (dubbed Britain’s largest carpark) to head office every 2-3 weeks.

With that in mind, this weekend’s project was focused on prettying up the space where I will be spending many of my waking hours. I found this very tired, slightly damaged pin board on freecycle a few months ago and it has been patiently waiting in my to-do pile. The poor thing did look very sad, with chunks of board peeling away where it had been pinned in the same spot, over and over again. PVA glue and some felt to the rescue!



I set about making a simple but colourful sunset scene for the felt and glued and stapled it over the repaired notice board. The white dots down the right had side are push-pins waiting to be used.


It does a good job of brightening up an otherwise dull corner of my home office, it just seems a shame to cover it with scribbled hand-written notes to myself now…

8 thoughts on “Up-cycling for the home office

  1. Annie and Lyn

    Oooh, so you can work in your jim-jams then? That’s a lovely memo board and it does seem a shame to have to stick pins in it and cover it with bits of paper, but it’s so much nicer than having a boring old plain one on the wall.
    You’re very brave driving on the M25!

    1. Teri Berry

      Shh… Don’t tell anyone but have already taken my laptop and a coffee back to bed one morning πŸ™‚

      Unfortunately the back roads aren’t much of an alternative to the M25, so I will have to grin and bear the crawl past Heathrow.

  2. Marilyn

    Beautiful board and a great idea to revive it with such a stunning scene. I agree with Karen about getting the notes off asap.

    1. Teri Post author

      Thanks Marilyn πŸ™‚ So far no notes on the board, I am trying to be green and making electronic notes instead….


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