A New Direction

I have been considering my developmental options since I completed a City and Guilds certificate in felt-making in 2014, very high on my list is a BA degree but it is a big commitment both in time and money. I am very fortunate to live only a few miles from the University of Creative Arts in Farnham so went along to an open day on a reconnaissance mission.

It was quite an eye opener, I hadn’t really considered the need for a portfolio or how my sketchbooks appear to anyone else. I have a tendency to work out my designs and ideas directly in wool, my sketchbooks are primarily used to work out template designs or jot down ideas for future projects, they read more like a technical manual than an artists sketchbook 🙂

That was a couple of weeks ago and I decided to continue with the “stories of the trees” brief that Fiona Duthie set last year, with my main focus being on bark. It is still very early days but my sketchbook is already looking much more colourful!

I treated myself to some inktense blocks (they work on fabric too), these are my first couple of “getting to know you” pieces working with them and already think they are wonderful!

5 thoughts on “A New Direction

  1. Ruth Lane

    Very nice Teri! I love your depictions of bark and I have always enjoyed my Inktense pencils. Haven’t tried the blocks yet. I am enjoying my first class in Level 3 Art & Design and I’m sure I would love to get a BA degree too. But not in the cards at the moment. Looking forward to seeing your more colorful sketchbook!

    1. Teri Post author

      Thanks Ruth 🙂 I confess I have just bought some inktense pencils too! Level 3 – is that the same as a pre-degree course, I have applied to do a foundation diploma in art and design starting in September as a way to stretch my creative skills and develop my portfolio while I save enough to pay for a degree

  2. Galina

    Wow Teri what a turn! And what a commitment it requires. I wish you very best in your new directions and would like to see some things in progress. Well done!

    1. Teri Post author

      Thank you Galina, I have been working on a hat and some mixed media samples this weekend. I hope to post some photos soon! 🙂


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