Adventurous Drawing and Colour with Mark Cazalet

I feel blessed to have spent the bank holiday weekend drawing in the beautiful landscapes around West Dean in  glorious sunshine. Mark Cazalet was an excellent tutor, I signed up for this course hoping to come away using colour in a more considered way and he did not disappoint. He set us a number of exercises over the 3 days including using cool colours on warm grounds (papers) and vice versa, exploring the effects of black versus cream grounds and seeing the colours around us in a much less literal way.

The first drawing was made in the gardens, Mark suggested I redraw it from my original drawing without looking at the source.


It is interesting how the colours are so much more vibrant…


This one was a 10 minute sketch, playing with different colours to give and impression of depth, light and shade:


This drawing was exploring the combination of warm and cool colours together on a neutral ground:


I had 10 minutes before we were expected to pack up and return to the studio so I did this one just for fun:

We were asked to create some sketches of abstract forms  from what we saw in the gardens, from those I repeated the same design several times on different coloured grounds, it is curious how the colour of the paper has such a an impact on the feel and tone of the drawing.



These last two drawings are my least favourite but it was an interesting exercise, the first was warm colours on a cool ground:

And cool colours on a warm ground:


Now it is back to work for me! Enrolment for the new online felted bag class closes on the 22nd and the class starts in earnest on the 25th, I am still doing the final edits on the tutorials while trying to prepare for the Surrey Open Studios event beginning on June 2nd it is going to be a busy few weeks but both are projects I am really excited to be taking part in, if you would like to join in the fun please follow these links:

Felted bags online class: link

Surrey Open Studios: link


6 thoughts on “Adventurous Drawing and Colour with Mark Cazalet

    1. Teri Post author

      Thank you ladies, it was a brilliant course and I would highly recommend Mark Cazalet for anyone wanting to achieve a deeper understanding of colour, looking through my drawings I can see a definite development over the 3 days.

  1. Ruth Lane

    Thanks for sharing this over on FNFS. And I appreciate the information about the pastels. I have some really, really cheap ones that don’t work very well. Will have to find some that are mid range.

    1. Teri Post author

      My pleasure Ruth, thank you for inviting me to guest post on FFS 🙂
      Before you consign your pastels to the bin, have you tried them on different papers? Some papers have a plasticky coating on them that seems to repel the pastel, have you tried them with more textured papers? Ideally some pastel paper?


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